Saturday, 17 March 2012

The "Kony" thing...

I am finding it more and more worrying that teenagers are being mocked for following the KONY 2012 campaign. There have been loads of strong arguments against the aims and the actions of the actual KONY 2012 campaign, with talk about the obscene amounts of money that the charity are spending on advertising and videos and also the huge threat Uganda could possibly be under with U.S.A intervention. However, this being said I still do not see why it is acceptable to patronise people who are sharing the video as they clearly only want to help. Teenagers can be so idle and lack any real grip on the world and the serious issues that countries are constantly faced with, but now something of substance has finally captured the attention of this generation and they are still being mocked. What do you want from people? Teenagers are self-centered and materialistic when they don't care about political issues, but then they are patronised and made to feel guilty when they do start to take an's like they can't win. I'm not saying that the KONY 2012 charity is infallible and that we should all blindly follow it but IF it is successful in saving the lives of these Ugandan children and their families, would this not be a good thing? American intervention is something feared by all less economically developed countries and campaigners are right for being concerned in this case for the Ugandan people if America do back this mission..however, as much as this is true it is also true that children are dying in Uganda, children are being raped in Uganda...and unless another charity is promising that they can stop all of this as quickly as the KONY campaign says they can, I don't see why we should dismiss the KONY campaign or why we should be ridiculed for supporting it.

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