Sunday, 4 March 2012

My "multi-cultural" society

When recounting on the society that we live in today, people like to think of things like diversity, culture, liberty and many other things of a simular calibre. BUT in actual fact these things are not things which should be associated with our society..especially not the society that we are a part of right here in the UK. Segregation, racism and sexism are still very prominent and I guess it's weird that I'm only noticing this now. People are just as reluctant to enter into inter-racial dating or have an array of multi-cultured friends as they were 20 years ago...there seems to actually have been no development in people's accepting such things into society which seems ludicrous. Everyone seems to somehow feel indebted to their culture and feel that they are obliged to cohere with the rules of that particular faction, which means things like inter-racial dating or even inter-religious dating are ruled out and these acts are casted off as misdemeanors which should not be copied. To think that two people who are extremely compatible but belong to two different stations within society must, as a result, fight their desires to be together all for the benefit of others (like the reputations of their family or friends for example) is not liberal at all. What happened to relationships being based on companionship and love? It seems like now everyone is going out into the world armed with a criterion of what it is they're looking for in a person...which undeniably takes the passion and the fun out of finding real love or meaningful friendships. The underlying problem with our society is not that we're conservative and unwilling to accept change, it's the fact that we try to ACT like we're liberal and ACT like we're spontaneous, grabbing the bull by the horns and living life to the absolute fullest but we're not. We're simultaneously stuck in these little boxes which all have rules that we follow religiously and when a person dares to violate one of these rules they are cast out of society and made to feel like an outsider. In actual fact you should idolise that person. The person who finally broke the mould.

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