Monday, 31 December 2012

Western women vs Traditional men

Day after day it is becoming more and more apparent that western women of today seriously knock heads with the traditional men of yesterday! The values and superstitions that these men base their lives on are things that western women will never understand or appreciate. For example women who weave or perm their hair or women who actually want to be "bread winners"within their families seems that in choosing these lifestyles they are compromising their capability to commit to the traditional men who want cultured women that are willing to submit themselves to their men and their "power". It seems that in accepting western culture, we as women are relinquishing our chances with the men of today who are like our fathers, which according to Freud are the kind of men we are attracted to. Traditional men though can be some of the best men...their morals and their attitude in life are of a superior standard to that of the men we see emerging today. Things like sunday dinners, protecting their women or paying their way are things that are guaranteed by a traditional man and are things that are particularly endearing for any women...It seems that as long as we accept western culture and thoughts we are surrendering the men who we are culturally tied to..Just a thought I'm having on the train ride home..