Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fine China is quite fine indeed!

I've completely changed my mind about Chris Brown's new song and video "Fine China" which was released online on April 1st 2013. At first I thought that it was a really bad imitation of an epic Michael Jackson video! I found watching it was a bit awkward and the imitating just felt a tad cheap! BUT strangely after watching it a couple of times, I've come to really like it if not love it. In this video Chris Brown seems to be able to project all of the dimensions of a Michael Jackson-style video and actually does so quite well! Good vocals, good dance moves, a video story line, a fight, a sexual muse and in true "Jacko" style the song even manages to stir up a bit of hearty controversy! It features the particularly sketchy chorus"it's alright I'm not dangerous, when you're mine I'll be generous" . The lyrics seem to hint at the unfortunate physical violence that took place between himself and Rihanna and reveal his plea to get her back! True or untrue? Have your say! Whether you're anti- Chris Brown or opposed to the greatness of Michael Jackson, WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Django Unchained

Django Unchained (2012) is Quentin Tarantino’s new western film, which focuses mainly on the wealthy societies of the southern states of America and their relationships with slaves. Django is the name of the protagonist, played by Jamie Foxx, he is a slave that is met by a German bounty hunter who frees and convinces him to come and join his quests to find wanted men. Django agrees in the hope of finding and rescuing his wife, who was sold as a slave also. Together they encounter many nail-biting situations and over time develop a remarkable friendship. Tarantino’s comical flare brings some light hearted humour to a film that touches on some incredibly sensitive issues, which has been deemed to be a disrespectful element of what could grow to be an incredibly iconic film. I would argue though that the humour Tarantino has incorporated into this film is a helpful aid throughout the graphic scenes of violence and themes of racism and rape, which occur throughout the film and can be things which are uncomfortable to watch for some. The cast of this film is a long list of A-list actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Waltz, Samuel Jackson and Kerry Washington. It is a story you’ve never heard before brought to life in a way you’ve never seen. It is definitely a must see!

Monday, 31 December 2012

Western women vs Traditional men

Day after day it is becoming more and more apparent that western women of today seriously knock heads with the traditional men of yesterday! The values and superstitions that these men base their lives on are things that western women will never understand or appreciate. For example women who weave or perm their hair or women who actually want to be "bread winners"within their families seems that in choosing these lifestyles they are compromising their capability to commit to the traditional men who want cultured women that are willing to submit themselves to their men and their "power". It seems that in accepting western culture, we as women are relinquishing our chances with the men of today who are like our fathers, which according to Freud are the kind of men we are attracted to. Traditional men though can be some of the best men...their morals and their attitude in life are of a superior standard to that of the men we see emerging today. Things like sunday dinners, protecting their women or paying their way are things that are guaranteed by a traditional man and are things that are particularly endearing for any women...It seems that as long as we accept western culture and thoughts we are surrendering the men who we are culturally tied to..Just a thought I'm having on the train ride home..

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Animal Kingdom

On my coach journey from Manchester to London the weather was “unusually” grim for English summers…I had the misfortune of driving past several farms and private land alongside the motorway. A certain sight has stuck with me and has led me to the thoughts that follow. As I listened to music, I saw a group of horses who had unfortunately been left out in the rain but they nevertheless were congregating under a tree. The fact that these horses were in fact standing freely beneath a tree and not unconsciously standing out in the rain must be taken as evidence that horses do in fact have some kind of rational thought process. They are not brain dead and completely incapable of making decisions they are in fact the opposite and seem to possess a certain level of intelligence. An infant for example wouldn’t have the “sense” to find a tree and stand beneath it to shield themselves from the rain if left abandoned in a farm (do not try this at home). So why then do we think it is justified to treat animals the way we do? Why do we expect so little from them? I mean I’m not a vegetarian and nor am I one of those people go around preaching that “The power is in the animals”...but I do think that they are a lot smarter than people think. They evidently are conscious and do have basic minds of their own which they can make simple decisions with. So maybe it IS wrong to kill them, use them for transport and subject them to all of the other things that we as humanity have deemed them “useful” for. It would be wrong to treat a baby or a person who is in a vegetive state in these ways so why is it acceptable to treat animals in this way? Just because of the simple fact that they are animals? Are we not animals too?  Humanity is obviously a superior faction of the animal kingdom but we should not doubt the intelligence of the other factions despite of whether they can make the same impact on the world that we can.  Animals not only have a purpose to aid humanity throughout it’s existence but are also have a purpose in themselves I'm sure and therefore are here to be appreciated like trees which ought to be respected due to their role of replenishing oxygen as an example. We should never feel that we are above nature or not a part of it and we should do what we can to keep it going because without it our lives would be unimaginably hindered....just a quick thought.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


To me, life is all a matter of what you are choosing to embrace. Whenever recounting on the word "embrace" I start to see that there are more and more things that I should work at doing and urge other people to do also. Life, after all, is so important and learning how to truly embrace things wholeheartedly, I find, can do nothing but aid your life and your experiences. I personally feel that the word "embrace" can be used to prescribe one of the following actions..1) embracing life's experiences 2) embracing changes or differences and 3) embracing yourself. All three of these are of an equal importance but nevertheless I will attack them systematically. In embracing life's experiences I mean taking full advantage of your opportunities and accepting that things are good in themselves. We should never feel like we aren't getting enough out of life or not enjoying it, because we should all make a conscious effort to take chances and at times let go of the reigns and just enjoy life's freestyle. We should never feel scared or attempt to squash a desire we have to experience something else, because we are all running a different race and you've got to do what you can to enjoy yours and achieve YOUR heart's desires. Embracing changes or differences is something incredibly important. There are so many cultures in this many countries and amazing sights to many people, so many streets, restaurants, nightclubs.. I mean the world is literally an array of 'differences'.  We are so fortunate that we are growing up in a time where being different is what people pride themselves on and change is definitely happening (well..gradually). People, though, can be so ignorant at times, and ignore chances or opportunities just because they are different or out of their comfort zone. People should embrace whatever makes them smile (within reason) and appreciate whatever they are passionate about for what it is. Finally...the idea of "embracing yourself" may seem strange, initially, but it is nevertheless something we should all strive to achieve. We should all accept who we are and should at least all aim to like ourselves! At the same time though we should definitely stay open to new things and remain indifferent but curious towards things that we have not yet experienced. I feel like I've just written a page in a "self-help" book which, I assure you, is not my usual style at all...I just felt like I needed to say this.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Materialistic much?

You lose a phone and it's gone. It's just gone. You don't get a second chance, you don't get to do things over and avoid the situation ever happening again. I mean after all of the bonding, after all of the wonderful times you've shared.. it's all just lost. Think about it, your phone is always there, to entertain you, to provide you with good music and good conversations..(well if you've got good people to converse with)..but nevertheless it's such a sad occurrence...losing your mobile phone that is. After writing all of that I actually feel a bit silly...clearly the attention I pay to things that can so easily be lost or stolen is ridiculous. But I'm not #foreveralone in this materialistic're all a part of it too. Whenever I am out with friends or just chilling out indoors I notice from time to time just how many people are gazing into the eyes of social networking sights, playing games or "draw[ing] something". The epidemic is huge...I mean it's even reached lecture halls, the cab journey home and supermarket queues. What ever happened to reading books, newspapers and having meaningful conversations over lunch? Are we all losing ourselves in this world where the technological possibilities seem endless? I mean we created a "kindle" so we can read books without paper, we can get degrees without actually having to leave our homes through online schooling, we can have conversations, meet friends or even find our "soul mates" all online too, without actually having to physically see anyone face to face. Natural life has become too electronic. Too virtual, too intangible. With cyber friends, cyber classes, cyber jobs and even cyber love are we living a real reality? Are we drifting away from the things that matter the most?

Friday, 27 April 2012

You only live once...duhh

This YOLO thing has really got me feeling very unsure about whether our generation will go on to achieve anything remotely successful. Thanks to one rapper, Drake, an obscene amount of young people have literally gone mad and blame this "YOLO" motto for their outlandish behaviour. I mean we were definitely considered the "YOLO" generation prior to Drake's announcing it, so why everyone is suddenly just noticing and quoting it is beyond me. The Student Protests, The London Riots.. these are two examples of the "You only live once" attitude being adopted by our UK young people but there are plenty of other societies experiencing the same thing. Our generation already messed up by seriously compromising their individuality with everybody talking and dressing the same.. (Nike Blazers, Leopard print Creepers..even down to the uniform eyebrows every girl seems to have)..But nowww things seem to have taken a turn for the worse as this generation are now attempting to excuse all of their bad behaviour by saying.."ahhh you only live once ay"? Why can't people use this YOLO thing to their advantage? Why can't teenagers think, "You only live once, hey I better work harder on this piece of coursework" or I better start attending all my classes at Uni or College so I can eventually get good grades, a good job and have a wealthy later life? Why has YOLO got to be an excuse for serious unpleasantries? Like "Yolo I just slept with my best friend's boyfriend"...It's unacceptable. People need to get a grip. Sooner rather than later preferably. Let me try and be softer..that felt a bit harsh.. We have so many great things at our disposal young people... Sooo many opportunities and chances to take control of our lives and make them a success, so why don't we focus on that instead...