Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fine China is quite fine indeed!

I've completely changed my mind about Chris Brown's new song and video "Fine China" which was released online on April 1st 2013. At first I thought that it was a really bad imitation of an epic Michael Jackson video! I found watching it was a bit awkward and the imitating just felt a tad cheap! BUT strangely after watching it a couple of times, I've come to really like it if not love it. In this video Chris Brown seems to be able to project all of the dimensions of a Michael Jackson-style video and actually does so quite well! Good vocals, good dance moves, a video story line, a fight, a sexual muse and in true "Jacko" style the song even manages to stir up a bit of hearty controversy! It features the particularly sketchy chorus"it's alright I'm not dangerous, when you're mine I'll be generous" . The lyrics seem to hint at the unfortunate physical violence that took place between himself and Rihanna and reveal his plea to get her back! True or untrue? Have your say! Whether you're anti- Chris Brown or opposed to the greatness of Michael Jackson, WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

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