Saturday, 17 March 2012

The "Kony" thing...

I am finding it more and more worrying that teenagers are being mocked for following the KONY 2012 campaign. There have been loads of strong arguments against the aims and the actions of the actual KONY 2012 campaign, with talk about the obscene amounts of money that the charity are spending on advertising and videos and also the huge threat Uganda could possibly be under with U.S.A intervention. However, this being said I still do not see why it is acceptable to patronise people who are sharing the video as they clearly only want to help. Teenagers can be so idle and lack any real grip on the world and the serious issues that countries are constantly faced with, but now something of substance has finally captured the attention of this generation and they are still being mocked. What do you want from people? Teenagers are self-centered and materialistic when they don't care about political issues, but then they are patronised and made to feel guilty when they do start to take an's like they can't win. I'm not saying that the KONY 2012 charity is infallible and that we should all blindly follow it but IF it is successful in saving the lives of these Ugandan children and their families, would this not be a good thing? American intervention is something feared by all less economically developed countries and campaigners are right for being concerned in this case for the Ugandan people if America do back this mission..however, as much as this is true it is also true that children are dying in Uganda, children are being raped in Uganda...and unless another charity is promising that they can stop all of this as quickly as the KONY campaign says they can, I don't see why we should dismiss the KONY campaign or why we should be ridiculed for supporting it.

The female endeavour for a man

Those who are unfortunately raised without a father figure within their household seem to inevitably grow to have "man issues". This isn't me just attempting to diagnose every women without a father figure as being seriously messed up... but I'm asserting they are merely hindered in the social department. The first way that a woman under these circumstances is at a social disadvantage is seen through their attitude towards men who want to date them. They are either too optimistic and feel totally capable of loving every single man who they are confronted with..almost like a walking love machine..relentless! OR they are the incredibly bitter women, who are so scarred by the actions of their father that they convince themselves that all men are the same and that they shouldn't trust a word that comes out of their perfectly poised mouths. NOW it is not just possible suitors that the absent-father syndrome is also able to effect friendships. When a women is without a positive male role model, like a father, they are forced to make their own in the male fact they can be said to make male friends purposely.. They "grow up with" a number of males or even just one male friend who they are ridiculously close to and expect to be there for them and advise them in every possible way.. just like a father would. They look at the mere possibility of dating one of these "fabricated fathers" almost as incest...even though these men would surely be perfect for them. Well that's if you want a boyfriend who you don't mind knowing everything about you..anyway these women need to stop making every man pay for the sins of their fathers (sounding real biblical there but it's true). Life is way too short for grudges as significant as those....

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Life as an adolescent has its perks (free accommodation, not much being expected of you, the drunken wild parties) but I’m pretty sure that the bad definitely outweighs the good of being a young and spicy teen! I mean let's look at the facts here…you live at home so really your parents are Hitler-style-dictators in your house. “That mean no boys upstairs”…. what ever happened to democracy!  You can’t party all weekend because you’ve got to be up bright and early on a Sunday for two tiresome hours at church.grrrrrr. THENN during the week you’ve got the hardest job of all which is forcing yourself to get up and out of the warmest bed in the world to endure the most mundane lessons at college ever, and you'll probably be practising for the most difficult examinations to date!..I mean how can teenagers be expected to pass exams when they can’t even keep their eyes open through the prep! It’s a crazy world!... Teenagers should not be trusted with the “key to their future”..The majority of teens are a wild and leery bunch of bursting indecency that could sleep for hours on end if given the chance. Interesting fact, the number of minutes per week that parents spend having a meaningful conversation with their children is: 38.5 minutes. That was taken from (American Family Research Council, "Parents Fight ‘Time Famine' as Economic Pressures Increase," 1990.) I mean that’s evidence enough isn’t it? Teenagers are strange human beings that are all remarkably idle and lack any real grip on reality. Harsh?  Hardly.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My "multi-cultural" society

When recounting on the society that we live in today, people like to think of things like diversity, culture, liberty and many other things of a simular calibre. BUT in actual fact these things are not things which should be associated with our society..especially not the society that we are a part of right here in the UK. Segregation, racism and sexism are still very prominent and I guess it's weird that I'm only noticing this now. People are just as reluctant to enter into inter-racial dating or have an array of multi-cultured friends as they were 20 years ago...there seems to actually have been no development in people's accepting such things into society which seems ludicrous. Everyone seems to somehow feel indebted to their culture and feel that they are obliged to cohere with the rules of that particular faction, which means things like inter-racial dating or even inter-religious dating are ruled out and these acts are casted off as misdemeanors which should not be copied. To think that two people who are extremely compatible but belong to two different stations within society must, as a result, fight their desires to be together all for the benefit of others (like the reputations of their family or friends for example) is not liberal at all. What happened to relationships being based on companionship and love? It seems like now everyone is going out into the world armed with a criterion of what it is they're looking for in a person...which undeniably takes the passion and the fun out of finding real love or meaningful friendships. The underlying problem with our society is not that we're conservative and unwilling to accept change, it's the fact that we try to ACT like we're liberal and ACT like we're spontaneous, grabbing the bull by the horns and living life to the absolute fullest but we're not. We're simultaneously stuck in these little boxes which all have rules that we follow religiously and when a person dares to violate one of these rules they are cast out of society and made to feel like an outsider. In actual fact you should idolise that person. The person who finally broke the mould.