Saturday, 10 March 2012


Life as an adolescent has its perks (free accommodation, not much being expected of you, the drunken wild parties) but I’m pretty sure that the bad definitely outweighs the good of being a young and spicy teen! I mean let's look at the facts here…you live at home so really your parents are Hitler-style-dictators in your house. “That mean no boys upstairs”…. what ever happened to democracy!  You can’t party all weekend because you’ve got to be up bright and early on a Sunday for two tiresome hours at church.grrrrrr. THENN during the week you’ve got the hardest job of all which is forcing yourself to get up and out of the warmest bed in the world to endure the most mundane lessons at college ever, and you'll probably be practising for the most difficult examinations to date!..I mean how can teenagers be expected to pass exams when they can’t even keep their eyes open through the prep! It’s a crazy world!... Teenagers should not be trusted with the “key to their future”..The majority of teens are a wild and leery bunch of bursting indecency that could sleep for hours on end if given the chance. Interesting fact, the number of minutes per week that parents spend having a meaningful conversation with their children is: 38.5 minutes. That was taken from (American Family Research Council, "Parents Fight ‘Time Famine' as Economic Pressures Increase," 1990.) I mean that’s evidence enough isn’t it? Teenagers are strange human beings that are all remarkably idle and lack any real grip on reality. Harsh?  Hardly.

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