Saturday, 17 March 2012

The female endeavour for a man

Those who are unfortunately raised without a father figure within their household seem to inevitably grow to have "man issues". This isn't me just attempting to diagnose every women without a father figure as being seriously messed up... but I'm asserting they are merely hindered in the social department. The first way that a woman under these circumstances is at a social disadvantage is seen through their attitude towards men who want to date them. They are either too optimistic and feel totally capable of loving every single man who they are confronted with..almost like a walking love machine..relentless! OR they are the incredibly bitter women, who are so scarred by the actions of their father that they convince themselves that all men are the same and that they shouldn't trust a word that comes out of their perfectly poised mouths. NOW it is not just possible suitors that the absent-father syndrome is also able to effect friendships. When a women is without a positive male role model, like a father, they are forced to make their own in the male fact they can be said to make male friends purposely.. They "grow up with" a number of males or even just one male friend who they are ridiculously close to and expect to be there for them and advise them in every possible way.. just like a father would. They look at the mere possibility of dating one of these "fabricated fathers" almost as incest...even though these men would surely be perfect for them. Well that's if you want a boyfriend who you don't mind knowing everything about you..anyway these women need to stop making every man pay for the sins of their fathers (sounding real biblical there but it's true). Life is way too short for grudges as significant as those....

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