Friday, 27 April 2012

You only live once...duhh

This YOLO thing has really got me feeling very unsure about whether our generation will go on to achieve anything remotely successful. Thanks to one rapper, Drake, an obscene amount of young people have literally gone mad and blame this "YOLO" motto for their outlandish behaviour. I mean we were definitely considered the "YOLO" generation prior to Drake's announcing it, so why everyone is suddenly just noticing and quoting it is beyond me. The Student Protests, The London Riots.. these are two examples of the "You only live once" attitude being adopted by our UK young people but there are plenty of other societies experiencing the same thing. Our generation already messed up by seriously compromising their individuality with everybody talking and dressing the same.. (Nike Blazers, Leopard print Creepers..even down to the uniform eyebrows every girl seems to have)..But nowww things seem to have taken a turn for the worse as this generation are now attempting to excuse all of their bad behaviour by saying.."ahhh you only live once ay"? Why can't people use this YOLO thing to their advantage? Why can't teenagers think, "You only live once, hey I better work harder on this piece of coursework" or I better start attending all my classes at Uni or College so I can eventually get good grades, a good job and have a wealthy later life? Why has YOLO got to be an excuse for serious unpleasantries? Like "Yolo I just slept with my best friend's boyfriend"...It's unacceptable. People need to get a grip. Sooner rather than later preferably. Let me try and be softer..that felt a bit harsh.. We have so many great things at our disposal young people... Sooo many opportunities and chances to take control of our lives and make them a success, so why don't we focus on that instead...


  1. We just have to seize each day one special moment at a time.....!