Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rant About Tesco

I am so confused...for those of you who are not aware of the antics that Tesco are currently up to, I will briefly enlighten you. Tesco have decided to get rid of our beloved "Tesco value" range. Instead they are going to spend loads of money re-branding the range and making it healthier at the same time! I do not understand why Tesco are trying to "re vamp" their basic budget range. It makes absolutely nooo sense to spend thousands of pounds in production and advertising for products as basic as a pack of 3p cream crackers! Clearly Tesco have got too much money at their disposal...I mean who wants to spend money when you don't need to. The BBC reported that Tesco rake in a staggering £1billion a year just from their "Tesco value" range alone, which proves that there is no real reason for them to go changing the range as it is evidently selling very well just the way it is! See this is when greed starts to triumph common sense! Why change something that is already selling really well? Is the hope of it maybe doing slightly better next year of a greater interest then the possibility of the sales falling because of the unnecessary changes made to the brand. Clearly customers like the simplicity, the blandness and the "everyday-ness" of the "Tesco value" range which is why they continue to buy it. If people wanted to buy products of a higher quality, don't worry Tesco, they would. It is also like Tesco and all of these companies in fact are attempting to force health down my I can't even buy a cheap fat-drenched ready meal from Tesco anymore nor can I by a burger from Mac Donalds that's not 100% beef..Look if I want healthy, good quality food I'll spend the extra to get it but if I'm going somewhere cheap I expect to get the fat and the poor quality that I'm essentially paying for! Sometimes I just want a basic chicken korma, that costs like 2p in production and tastes like cardboard!!! I don't always want the frills!!!! Excuse the rant...

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