Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Materialistic much?

You lose a phone and it's gone. It's just gone. You don't get a second chance, you don't get to do things over and avoid the situation ever happening again. I mean after all of the bonding, after all of the wonderful times you've shared.. it's all just lost. Think about it, your phone is always there, to entertain you, to provide you with good music and good conversations..(well if you've got good people to converse with)..but nevertheless it's such a sad occurrence...losing your mobile phone that is. After writing all of that I actually feel a bit silly...clearly the attention I pay to things that can so easily be lost or stolen is ridiculous. But I'm not #foreveralone in this materialistic're all a part of it too. Whenever I am out with friends or just chilling out indoors I notice from time to time just how many people are gazing into the eyes of social networking sights, playing games or "draw[ing] something". The epidemic is huge...I mean it's even reached lecture halls, the cab journey home and supermarket queues. What ever happened to reading books, newspapers and having meaningful conversations over lunch? Are we all losing ourselves in this world where the technological possibilities seem endless? I mean we created a "kindle" so we can read books without paper, we can get degrees without actually having to leave our homes through online schooling, we can have conversations, meet friends or even find our "soul mates" all online too, without actually having to physically see anyone face to face. Natural life has become too electronic. Too virtual, too intangible. With cyber friends, cyber classes, cyber jobs and even cyber love are we living a real reality? Are we drifting away from the things that matter the most?

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