Saturday, 2 June 2012


To me, life is all a matter of what you are choosing to embrace. Whenever recounting on the word "embrace" I start to see that there are more and more things that I should work at doing and urge other people to do also. Life, after all, is so important and learning how to truly embrace things wholeheartedly, I find, can do nothing but aid your life and your experiences. I personally feel that the word "embrace" can be used to prescribe one of the following actions..1) embracing life's experiences 2) embracing changes or differences and 3) embracing yourself. All three of these are of an equal importance but nevertheless I will attack them systematically. In embracing life's experiences I mean taking full advantage of your opportunities and accepting that things are good in themselves. We should never feel like we aren't getting enough out of life or not enjoying it, because we should all make a conscious effort to take chances and at times let go of the reigns and just enjoy life's freestyle. We should never feel scared or attempt to squash a desire we have to experience something else, because we are all running a different race and you've got to do what you can to enjoy yours and achieve YOUR heart's desires. Embracing changes or differences is something incredibly important. There are so many cultures in this many countries and amazing sights to many people, so many streets, restaurants, nightclubs.. I mean the world is literally an array of 'differences'.  We are so fortunate that we are growing up in a time where being different is what people pride themselves on and change is definitely happening (well..gradually). People, though, can be so ignorant at times, and ignore chances or opportunities just because they are different or out of their comfort zone. People should embrace whatever makes them smile (within reason) and appreciate whatever they are passionate about for what it is. Finally...the idea of "embracing yourself" may seem strange, initially, but it is nevertheless something we should all strive to achieve. We should all accept who we are and should at least all aim to like ourselves! At the same time though we should definitely stay open to new things and remain indifferent but curious towards things that we have not yet experienced. I feel like I've just written a page in a "self-help" book which, I assure you, is not my usual style at all...I just felt like I needed to say this.

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  1. Sometimes, be it a subject or a feeling, that begins to grow/consume inside, needs to ride the wave and hit the shore and be told! They say we are what we eat, but we are even more so what we think!